Best Longboard Trucks for Freestyle

Freestyle longboard riding is all about street tricks. For safer and more precise moves, using traditional kingpin (TKP) or reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks is applicable. Know more about the best longboard trucks for freestyle in the sections below: Paris V2 180mm 50° Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Trucks The Paris V2 180mm 50° Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Trucks […]

Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding

After mastering the art of carving and cruising, you’d want to push your downhill limits. Once you’re done with these, sliding is the way to explore the craziest longboarding tricks for you. Read on to find out what is sliding and the best longboard wheels for sliding. What is longboard sliding? Sliding is what its […]

Best Longboard Trucks for Dancing

The most visual and flowy longboard riding style is dancing. It involves balancing tricks and fluid cross-stepping while carving on the board. To better perform longboard dancing, you need appropriate trucks. Read on to know more about it and where you can find the best ones. What is a right longboard truck for dancing? Longboard […]

How To Clean Longboard Bearings

Longboard bearings help make the wheel go around. They are tiny balls made of either steel or ceramic that is set on a circular track inside the ring work. They work with the inner hub of the wheel and fixed axel of the truck to allow wheelspin when force is applied. Knowing how to clean […]

Longboard Deck: Things You Have to Know

Since they entered the scene in the late 1950s, longboards have come a long way in terms of their shapes and sizes. They’re no longer the bulky and flat pieces of woods with wheels that they used to be. Because of this, any beginner today may already have a hard time choosing the right longboard […]

FAQs About Grip Tape for a Longboard

Grip tape for a longboard is a lightly explored and often highly overlooked aspect of a longboard. You can find various types of grip tape that work best for different riding styles. However, many people usually divide them into two main categories: Jessup and Vicious. Read on to find out more about grip tape and […]

How to Longboard: 8 Longboard Tricks for Every Beginner Skater

The best longboard stars never fail to amaze everyone, especially the newbies. Their jaw-dropping performances make every competition worth watching. Before they became seasoned professionals, however, they also started from scratch. If you’re thinking about picking up a longboard and starting to learn simple tricks to follow in your idolized skater’s steps, you’re cruising on […]

How to Stand on a Longboard

Before you can drown in the excitement of riding a longboard, you have to know the most basic aspects of longboarding first. Knowing how to stand on a longboard offers you the proper foundation when it comes to the next tricks that you will have to learn. What is the correct way to stand on […]

How to Choose Longboard Bearings:  A Buyer’s Guide

Lonboard Bearings Of 2020- How To Choose Longboard Bearings Guide

Longboard bearing refer to the circular metal pieces that fit inside the lognboard wheels and make the wheels go round.  They are created using different parts and have a standard size of 8 mm (core), 7mm (width), and 22 mm (outer diameter) to ensure the compatibility between all wheels and all bearing brands. Choosing longboard […]

How Much Is A Good, Sturdy Longboard Cost?

How Much Do Good, Sturdy Longboard Cost blog photo.

It cannot be denied that price always plays a role when it comes to making a decision on whether or not we are going to purchase something that has caught our eye. Longboard skateboards are no exception in this case. In fact, even more advanced longboarders keep the price in mind when they are looking […]