Engagement Letter

(Name of Social Media Influencer)
(Address of Social Media Influencer)

Dave Andrecht
Legal Representative

Quest Boards
330 Turnbull Canyon Rd.
City of Industry
91745 CA
United States

Dear Sir/Madam:




I am pleased to accept my appointment as a Social Media Influencer for Quest Boards. The terms and conditions of this engagement are as follows:

1. Period of Engagement
This engagement shall commence on (Date of Commencement) and shall continue until terminated by either party.
However, in case Quest Boards no longer gives me any new promotional items for more than 60 days, or if I do not submit any required content within 60 days, this engagement shall be considered automatically terminated.

2. Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this engagement is for me to provide the following:
a. Provision of social influencing services
b. Promotional services

3. Obligations of (Social Media Influencer)
In connection with the purpose of this engagement, I shall be responsible for the following:

A. Weekly posting of 3 photos and 1 video on social media platforms, particularly Instagram and TikTok. Posts shall involve the free sample received from Quest Boards.

In addition, I shall also do as follows:

A. Provide the required services diligently and with due care.
B. Perform other tasks as may be later agreed on.

Regarding the compensation, I understand that there is no monetary payment that I shall receive from Quest.

I shall, however, receive a complimentary board, respecting the subsequent conditions:
I. I AGREE to register my own account on Questboards.com.
II. I AGREE to check out a board of my choice using a coupon code given by Quest, necessary for availing the complimentary board.
III. I AGREE to get a free board, however, I shall compensate for the shipping fee.
IV. I AGREE that I can only receive the shipping fee refund once I have fulfilled all my obligations stipulated in the engagement letter.

4. Obligations of Quest Boards

The company shall send me a complimentary skateboard/longboard as compensation for my services. I understand that this section respects the above mentioned conditions, stipulated under Section 3, the compensation clause.

The company shall provide all the necessary information and documents required for the successful performance and completion of the job. 

5. Confidentiality Obligations
In fulfilling the obligations under this engagement, I acknowledge that I may have access to confidential information and materials. In this connection, I undertake the non-disclosure of any of this information, whether in whole or in part, without the prior approval of Quest Boards, except when the law requires me to do so.
I also agree to use the confidential information solely for the purpose for which it was intended, as well as to ensure the confidential nature of this information before, on, or after the engagement is terminated.

6. Copyright
Quest Boards shall retain the copyright of the content I upload. It shall also have the authority to distribute the same across their own social and marketing channels or share it to media outlets.

Respectfully yours,

Name and signature of Social Media Influencer

I, Dave Andrecht, on behalf of Quest Boards agree to all the terms and conditions stated herein.

Dave Andrecht
Legal Representative, Quest Boards