How To Clean Longboard Bearings Of 2021-Quest Boards

How To Clean Longboard Bearings

How To Clean Longboard Bearings Of 2021-Quest Boards

Longboard bearings help make the wheel go around. They are tiny balls made of either steel or ceramic that is set on a circular track inside the ring work. They work with the inner hub of the wheel and fixed axel of the truck to allow wheelspin when force is applied.

Knowing how to clean longboard bearings is a step closer to making sure that your longboard is at its best. Read on to find out more:

Do you have built-in or regular bearings?

Before anything else, you need to take these two considerations for bearings:

  1. Do they come with built-in speed rings?

2. Do they work without them?

Many riders out there have regular bearings or bearings with no built-in speed rings. This means that you need to handle more fiddly bits since the bearings are separated from the spacer and speed ring.

However, if you have built-in bearings, there’s no need to worry. Built-ins have the spacer, bearings, and speed ring put together.

Here’s a tip for those who are stuck with regular bearings:

Try to keep all the tiny components in a secure space when cleaning bearings. Don’t lose them at all costs. 

What you will need in cleaning longboard bearings

  • Skate tool
  • Your nasty bearings
  • A lubricant
  • Towel or old rag
  • Alcohol-based cleaning solution
  • Container with a lid

How to clean longboard bearings, Here’s how;

1. Remove bearings and bearing shields:

Remove all the wheels from the longboard using your skate tool. Afterwards, take off the bearings by using the axel as leverage. Wiggle the bearing on the edge of the axel to bring out the bearings out of the wheel’s core.

Once the bearings are removed from the core successfully, remove the bearing shields using a blade. 

2. Shake it up:

If you have removed all the shields from each bearing successfully, set your bearings aside in a safe container. Fill that container with a solution of your choice and close it. You can then give it a good shake to get rid of those nasty grime and dirt.

3. Lubricate the bearings:

Once the container has been emptied, and all the bearings have been dried, start lubricating all the bearings. 

This helps prevent the bearings from heating or seizing. Ideally, you have to lubricate and clean your bearings right after a session of skating in the rain.

However, unless you have those water-resistant or ceramic bearings, then you can skip it at least for days.

Remember to use thin lubricants since they don’t collect as much dirt. While thick lubricants are also great to use, the thin ones may help your bearings stay away from dirt easier.

4. Finish up:

After lubricating all the bearings, wipe away any excess oil. Next, press each of them back into the wheel, and don’t forget to put the speed rings back. Put the speed rings accordingly: one against the wheel nut, and one against the truck.

With this guide, we hope cleaning your bearings becomes easier for you every time. Now, it’s your turn!