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A Top-Selling
Longboard Brand

Questboard will give you a source of thrill, recreation,
and stylish expression that is uniquely yours.


Pride 40

Longboard Skateboard

Deck: 8 Ply Cold Climate Hardwood Mapple Deck
Wheels: Wheelable 70x51mm 80A PU

Safari 41
Drop Through

Get started and be great
with this complete longboard


2012 40

The perfect board for that perfect day


Quest Boards
Super Deluxe Inflatable
Stand-Up Paddle Board

Thick for a stable ride. It is convenient,
durable, and ensures the safety
of the user by its bungee storage of gear.


Best Longboard Trucks for Freestyle

Freestyle longboard riding is all about street tricks. For safer and more precise moves, using traditional kingpin (TKP) or reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks is applicable. Know more about the best longboard trucks for freestyle in the sections below: Paris V2 180mm 50°...

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Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding

After mastering the art of carving and cruising, you’d want to push your downhill limits. Once you’re done with these, sliding is the way to explore the craziest longboarding tricks for you. Read on to find out what is sliding and the best longboard wheels for...

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Best Longboard Trucks for Dancing

Skateboarder doing a trick at the city’s street in sunny day. Young man in equipment riding and longboarding on the asphalt in action. Concept of leisure activity, sport, extreme, hobby and motion. The most visual and flowy longboard riding style is dancing. It...

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