Grid Beacon Bike Side Light


Because it sits right in the center of the visible light spectrum, amber is the first light color the eye can pick up. It is universally accepted that yellow/amber lights mean caution, or slow down, making them ideal for side visibility light.

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  • 360 VISIBILITY – If you could be seen from every angle, why wouldn’t you want to? This was the thinking behind 360-degree visibility. We designed our side visibility lights to work in concert with our front and rear light on bike to keep you seen, day or night, from any angle.
  • 1 FOR EACH SIDE – Our grid side beacon and luminate 360 sets come with two lights for each side of your bike. They include two different sized rubber bands to accommodate varying thicknesses/tapers of fork blades, downtubes or top tubes
  • MEETS ANSI FL-1 STANDARD – This standard was created by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide consistent performance measurements for handheld lights. Although bicycle lights are not required to follow this or any standard, We believe in offering full transparency in how the output, run time, water resistance and other performance claims are measured.


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