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If you’re on the search for an alternative and more fun way to get to the store, around town, or around your college campus, then our 27-inch Campus Cruiser skateboard is your best board friend. Its sturdy, aluminum trucks and durable, polyurethane wheels are ideal for providing you a great grind on the road. Small and lightweight, this mini-cruiser has a 7-ply, all-hardwood-maple deck that makes it perfect for carrying from one place to another. Quest skateboards also fits conveniently in your locker or backpack.


Looking for a high-performance skateboard that doesn’t sacrifice practicality? Get the best of both worlds with Quest’s 24-inch banana board! Design-wise, it might look like we took a look back on the pool boards of old, but don’t let its appearance fool you—we took note of the recent plastic board craze, too. Combining the concepts together, we came up with a high-quality, all-cold-climate, maple hardwood board that is an exponential step up in how you skate. If you need a high-performance, but portable and durable banana board skateboard cruiser to commute on, this board delivers.


This 41-inch longboarding classic is perfect for “bombing hills” or just free riding and cruising around town. It features a unique, laser-etched graphic that is handcrafted to distinguish your board from all others. The deck is shaped in an open-wheel, “drop down” style to help you find your center of balance easily and give you maximum stability even at full speed. This high-quality board is especially designed not just to ride great, but to also look the part. Enjoy the West Coast vibe and loads of admiring attention that this Quest longboard is sure to deliver.


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