How to Longboard: 8 Longboard Tricks for Every Beginner Skater

The best longboard stars never fail to amaze everyone, especially the newbies. Their jaw-dropping performances make every competition worth watching. Before they became seasoned professionals, however, they also started from scratch. If you’re thinking about picking up a longboard and starting to learn simple tricks to follow in your idolized skater’s steps, you’re cruising on […]

How to Longboard for Beginners: The Basics

How To Longboard on 2020- Quest How To Longboard Tips For Beginners

Contrary to popular belief, riding a longboard is not the same as riding a skateboard. While there are plenty of similarities, they are not exactly the same. Aside from having a longboard skateboard, a good safety helmet, pads, and flat-bottomed shoes, it does not take much to learn how to skateboard on a longboard. However, […]