Choosing The Perfect Longboard

With more than hundreds of available longboard options available in the market, it can be challenging and overwhelming to choose the proper longboard for you — from choosing the deck’s shape and size, kinds of trucks, to the type of bearing and wheels. The combination of choosing a longboard is limitless. If you are beginning […]

How to Choose a Paddle Board

Finding the right stand-up paddleboard for you is about three things: knowing how you want to use it, how it matches your body, and how you want to handle it onboard. When all these three things are considered, you’re out to decide for these points: the shape of the board and their length, thickness, and […]

What Is A Longboard

Choosing a new hobby to master can be an exciting yet overwhelming task to do. With hundreds of hobbies and recreational activities to choose from, the possibilities could be endless. If you are looking for a heart-racing, adrenaline-inducing hobby, then grab a longboard and discover the exciting world of longboarding. For the inexperienced, differentiating between […]