Before you can drown in the excitement of riding a longboard, you have to know the most basic aspects of longboarding first. Knowing how to stand on a longboard offers you the proper foundation when it comes to the next tricks that you will have to learn. What is the correct way to stand on […]

What Are The Lonboard Bearings Made Of? Longboard bearing refer to the circular metal pieces that fit inside the lognboard wheels and make the wheels go round.  They are created using different parts and have a standard size of 8 mm (core), 7mm (width), and 22 mm (outer diameter) to ensure the compatibility between all […]

It cannot be denied that price always plays a role when it comes to making a decision on whether or not we are going to purchase something that has caught our eye. Longboard skateboards are no exception in this case. In fact, even more advanced longboarders keep the price in mind when they are looking […]

When it comes to longboarding, it is always vital to take your longboard wheels into consideration. Ascertaining which wheels would be most suitable for your longboard skateboard should be one of your priorities since the kinds of wheels that you will use will have a dramatic impact on the types of rides that you will […]