Partner Label

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Before you proceed, please take time to read the instructions carefully.


  1. Determine the style, material, and size of the apparel you want to create.
  2. Provide your preferred design, logo, or branding to Quest.
  3. Work with us to develop a sample for approval before production.
  4. Confirm pricing, minimum order quantity, and production lead time.
  5. Approve the final sample and place the order.
  6. Provide payment and shipping information.
  7. Review and approve pre-production samples and ensure all details are correct.
  8. Provide any necessary labels, hangtags, or packaging materials to the manufacturer.
  9. Confirm shipping details and arrange for transportation.
  10. Receive and inspect the final product to ensure quality control standards are met.

Remember to communicate clearly with us and maintain a positive working relationship to ensure a successful private label apparel project. 

We usually respond within 2 hours or longer, but we will always make sure to get back to you.


Please provide the following details. You may also reach us through email: