How Much Is A Good, Sturdy Longboard Cost?

It cannot be denied that price always plays a role when it comes to making a decision on whether or not we are going to purchase something that has caught our eye. Longboard skateboards are no exception in this case. In fact, even more advanced longboarders keep the price in mind when they are looking into buying a new longboard skateboard complete.

If you are a beginner skater, however, price is probably something that you will want to consider even more than advanced skaters do. After all, you are looking to buy your first ever longboard, and you would probably not want to spend too much on something that you are not certain you would end up liking in the long run. For this reason, you may be one of those newbies who oftentimes ask the question, “How much is a longboard?

Unfortunately, as much as we would love to give you an easy, direct answer, this question is a bit of a challenge for even the most experienced skateboards sales representative. This is because the answer depends on a lot of factors, such as what you want the longboard for, whether you already know how a longboard works, whether you can already do tricks, and so on. Your personal preference, riding style, and the goals that you would want to accomplish using the longboard are also factors that need to be taken into consideration.

While you can, of course, opt for a longboard that is as cheap as $50, you will probably regret it not long afterwards since quality may become an issue. More than that, buying a cheap longboard skateboard might also discourage you from pursuing active sports since cheap longboards are not known for offering very good riding experiences.

In general, good-quality longboards cost anywhere between $150 to $450 for a complete. But if you are a beginner to the longboarding sport, it is probably best that you purchase a complete longboard that is between the range of $60 to $250.

As previously stated, the following factors may prove to be helpful in making your first longboard choice:


1. The cost of the longboard by brand


Below is a quick rundown of the usual, promo-free cost of regular-sized longboards based on the brand name:

  • Quest Boards longboards – $60-$220
  • Landyachtz longboards – $170-$250
  • Sector 9 longboards – $140 – $225
  • Globe longboards – $150 – $230
  • Loaded longboards – $290 – $360
  • Arbor longboards – $150 – $210
  • Omen longboards – $160 – $250
  • Rayne longboards – $200 – $250

2. The size of the longboard


Longboards come in different shapes and sizes, from mini-cruisers that measure 32” or less to dancing longboards that measure more than 32” and are at the other end of the spectrum. In general, mini-cruisers are less inexpensive compared to dancing longboards since a lot more material goes more into the development of the latter.


3. The deck construction


The material used for the construction of the skateboard deck core also has an impact on the cost of a longboard. For instance, longboards that were constructed with bamboo are generally more expensive than boards made from all-wood. This may be because it is not just the materials that are being considered but also the technology and manufacturing process that was used.


4. Your choice of wheels


Longboards that are of decent quality and cost between $150-$250 normally come ready to ride already with good-quality wheels, such as Venom, Cloud Ride, and Seismic. However, if you wish to swap the wheels with another brand, it will typically add to the longboard’s cost.


5. Your choice of trucks


When choosing a complete longboard skateboard, one key component that affects its cost is the trucks. Most decent longboards come ready to ride with reputable truck brands such as Silver Trucks, Thunder Trucks, and Independent Trucks. However, if you wish to upgrade your trucks to higher-end brand-name ones, it will increase the cost of your longboard complete even more, probably between the range of $35-$55.


6. Your choice of bearings


Bearings are another critical aspect that you have to consider when it comes to the cost of a longboard. The standard bearings that oftentimes ship with your complete longboard skateboard may cost only $10. However, if you wish to invest in smooth, high-performance bearings, you will probably be made to shoulder an additional $60-$160.


Final Thoughts


A longboard is actually a form of investment for every rider, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a more advanced skater. Because of this, it is undoubtedly important to find out how much a longboard costs.

If you are new to the world of longboarding, you do not typically need to invest more than $250 for your very first longboard unless you are truly passionate about it and want something that is durable and high-performance for your evolution.

Keep in mind, however, that you can always have fun even with a reasonably inexpensive longboard so long as it suits your preferences and needs.


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