Different Types of Longboards

Longboarding is a type of adventurous skateboarding sport wherein athletes use longboards to compete.

Longboards come in different shapes and sizes, with each of them designed specifically for certain riding styles. Because of this, a rider may have to buy different types of complete longboard skateboards in order to enjoy different riding styles.

Let us take a look at the different types of longboard completes that are available on the market today.

1. Bamboo

Highly flexible, extremely lightweight, and economical, bamboo longboards are the preferred choice for skaters planning to go on a camping trip or a picnic. Super-quality bamboo longboards look cool, are completely organic, and help you enjoy a multitude of tricks as well as incredible riding experiences.

2. Carving

Used mainly for one of the most essential techniques, carving longboards have a unique shape that helps ensure that you can lean into turns from one angle to another and lay them down flawlessly. Their setup is similar to cruisers, but they are more fine-tuned and have more concave than the latter so as to keep your feet in place even when leaning in either direction.

3. Cruiser

Cruiser longboards are where just about every rider starts. Ideal for crowded places, cruisers are considered by many to be a true masterpiece because they help guarantee memorable riding experiences onboard as you roll along and just enjoy the ride. Cruising boards have wider trucks and decks, which ensure exceptional stability and perfect balance.

More basic than any other longboard style, cruisers typically have a top-mounted profile, with the board sitting on top of the trucks. They also have a pintail shape and usually feature very smooth, large wheels that make rolling a lot easier.

At Quest Boards, for instance, we have the 27” x 8” Quest Fishtail Cruiser Board that was constructed from 7 layers of all-hardwood maple and offers an excellent and spacious platform for a sure and stable footing.

4. Dancer

Dancer longboards are known for their length as well as for their spacious decks that give riders a stable platform to walk or “dance” on the board. Because of their size, dancer longboards may not be the most portable, but they feature some flex that makes them a great board for riding freestyle.

A good example of a dance board would be the 48” x 9” Quest Bold Arch. This complete  longboard is a dance board longboard that has a beautiful artisan deck made from 8-ply Hardwood Maple and provides a generous and resilient space for dancing and landing steep tricks.

5. Downhill

With downhill longboards, speed is the name of the game. As their name suggests, downhill longboards are perfect for riding down the hills since they can easily survive the harshest of terrains. One of the most technically built boards on the market, downhill boards have unique shapes and curves that help keep the front foot firmly in place. 

6. Drop Down

Simply put, drop down longboards are boards with a foot platform that drops down. This gives the board the ability to ride ultra low to the ground and makes the longboard deck very stable. These types of skateboards are very easy to ride, so it does not come as a surprise that beginners and intermediate longboarders find this type of longboard a favorite.

Quest Boards, for example, has the 41” x 9” California Republic, which is fun to cruise on with its beautiful and solid skateboard deck construction.

7. Drop Through

By far the most common longboard skateboard available on the market today, drop through longboards are a great choice if you wish to perform a variety of solid skate tricks. The deck of a drop through longboard has holes in the nose and tail, which allows the board to ride low and stable. This type of board comes in stiff or flexible decks and is great for all types of skaters regardless of their skill level.

Quest Boards, for instance, has the 42” x 10”, Classic Island-style Sunset Mosaic longboard that was designed to take you back to a more relaxed time and give you extra room for greater comfort and long-lasting, epic fun.

8. Double Drop

Double drop longboards combine the best of both worlds since they feature longboard decks that drop down and drop through. This type of longboard is also very easy to ride, with a deck that rides super low to  the ground. 

9. Electric Longboards

At its very core, an electric longboard is a type of longboard that utilizes batteries for movement. They typically go up to 24 mph and are shock-absorbent over cracks and bumps.

10. Mini Cruiser

Mini-cruiser longboard skateboards may have a shorter deck, but they have soft, large wheels that allow riders to easily cruise onboard, without needing to worry about bumps and cracks on the road.

11. Top Mount

Top mount longboards are so called because they use trucks that are mounted directly to the bottom of the skateboard deck. This gives the board greater leverage, as it enables the rider to to put their feet directly over the deck’s trucks and wheels.

Which Type of Longboard Should You Buy?

Choosing a longboard skateboard can be a tough job considering the density of skateboard longboards that are presently being sold on the market. However, you can make the task a lot easier and still be able to enjoy the best types of longboard skateboard for yourself by understanding what you are looking for in your longboard skateboard.


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