Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding

After mastering the art of carving and cruising, you’d want to push your downhill limits. Once you’re done with these, sliding is the way to explore the craziest longboarding tricks for you.

Read on to find out what is sliding and the best longboard wheels for sliding.

What is longboard sliding?

Sliding is what its name says. It’s all about sliding into a controlled skid so you can slow your board down. It’s all about going sideways when you’re speeding downhill.

Most longboard riders love sliding for its adrenaline-filled style. It can help improve your riding ability and skills. Once you’ve mastered sliding, you’re a few rides away from being the best skater that you can be.

What are the best longboard wheels for sliding?

Orangatang Stimulus

Talk about the best skateboarding hardware out there, and you’ve got many by Orangutang Stimulus. They mostly make wheels that are famous in the skateboarding world for their professional build.

Slide into glory with Orangatang Stimulus. It’s a mid-sized longboard wheel that’s made to deliver maximum grippy performance. Aside from sliding, it’s also amazing for doing freestyle tricks and picking up speed as you glide.

Made of patented “Happy Thane”, this formula makes the wheels smooth, fast, and grip hard.

It’s a great transition wheel that lets you cruise, go downhill, do freestyle, and go back to cruising again.

Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Series Freeride

When it comes to a brand that focuses on wheels and wheels alone, there goes Santa Cruz. With that, it offers the Blood Orange.

These wheels are the signature Liam Morgan line. Morgan is a professional rider known for his laidback skating style. He incorporates a lot of sliding into his riding style.

Like the rider these wheels were fashioned for, the Liam Morgan Freeride is for doing a lot more than sliding.

It’s made with top-quality urethane. The rounded edges and the soft construction are built for taking an insane amount of rolling.

Since Morgan’s trademark is about ‘leaving a lot of thanes,’ this wheel does the same, too. It means leaving visible marks on any surface you’re sliding on.

Speedy and smooth, this Pro Series is as comfortable as it gets when carving concrete and sliding downhills.

Arbor Mosh Thane

Arbor is also known for putting in every known way to produce the best skating hardware. This time, the Mosh Thane is the wheel that can give you a legendary longboard sliding experience.

It has a durometer that’s slightly softer than the average, as well as fully rounded lips. These qualities make the Mosh Thane an ideal wheel for freestyle ride and cruising. Slide to your heart’s content with every trick you have up your sleeves.

With the Mosh Lane, you can jump between one riding style to another. It’s also designed for beginners and is priced accordingly.

This might be the least expensive sliding wheel on this list and can be the best entry-level wheel for would-be sliders.

Orangatang Kilmer Freeride

Yes, we’re ending this list with the same brand we opened it with, Orangatang.

Instead of the traditional “Happy Thane”, Kilmer uses “Peachy Thane”. That makes for a softer wheel, rendering the Kilmer another sliding wheel staple.

With a softer durometer and rounded lips, you can kick it into long slides. It will ear evenly, sparing you from the flattened out wheels.

Since the Kilmer is made for freestyling and sliding, it embraces all the marks that a sliding longboard wheel must have.

It’s Orangatang’s best-known sliding secret. So, if you’re aiming to push yourself harder, then slide into your dream tricks with this wheel.

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