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27-Inch Campus Cruiser is your ”Pocket Rocket” for getting to the store, around town, public transit and especially for on campus. It fits conveniently in a locker or a backpack but rides ”BIG’.


Product Information
24” banana board is the best of all worlds with performance and practicality in one tight package. In Design; this is taking a look back to make a huge leap forward. Based on the pool boards of old, taking note of the recent plastic board craze, we came out with a high quality all cold climate maple hardwood board that will change the way you skate. You need transport, this is it; Huge Performance you got it; easy portability, you guessed it; this board delivers. This board will be an exponential step up in how you skate. Engineered for perfection in performance, built for durable reliability and a cool look to boot.


Product Information
This 41″ high performance board is perfect for both “bombing hills” or just free riding & cruising around town. This board also features a unique laser etched graphic that is handcrafted to distinguish your board from all others. The deck is shaped in an open wheel “drop down” style which lowers your center of gravity to give you maximum stability even at full speed. This board is especially designed for riders that appreciates a high quality board that rides great but that also looks the part. Enjoy the West coast vibe and loads of admiring attention that this board is always sure to deliver.


Product Information
Great graphics, beautiful natural artisan wood finishes and even new composite materials complete the picture. Transportation, recreation, and thrill seeking are all possible as you embark on your own Quest. We are stoked to be apart of your journey by providing a source of stylish expression, that each person can use to create and define their own unique experience.

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