Quest Sunset Mosaic 41″ Longboard


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Longboards have taken the skateboarding world by storm in recent years. They’re faster than most skateboards, and the ride is generally much smoother, which makes longboards the best options for commutes and cruising — and it is undeniable that the best place to cruise is along the sidewalk beaches of California!

When buying your own longboard, there are three things to keep in mind: performance, design, and cost. Fortunately, this drop-through longboard has gotten all of it covered. Check out one of the most elegant and uniquely made drop-through longboards, the Sunset Mosaic 41″ Longboard.

The 41-inch longboard is the perfect length for beginners and professionals alike, for any age and any size. The bottom of the deck is designed with mesmerizing mosaic photos of sunsets that will surely be an eye-catcher. It is applied with a protective coating and is paired with a grip tape to protect the board from all sides.

It is constructed with a 7-ply hardwood cold-weather maple deck. Maple is known as one of the strongest woods in the world, which ensures durability and flexibility.

The seven-inch aluminum trucks offer stability and sturdiness every cruise, making them perfect for beginners who want to start off with the practice of balancing. You’ll feel in control as can be, without the heaviness of steel. Similar to the maple construction of the deck, aluminum is lightweight and durable. This combination helps the riders handle the board with ease while being able to trust in the high-quality construction.

The trucks are adjustable so riders can freely change up how well they can take sharp turns. Looser trucks produce easier turns, while they can also cause you to slip up a little bit. The trucks are accompanied by 70mm tall and 51mm wide wheels for better balance

A unique open-wheel design means you don’t have to worry about the edge of the board biting down on the wheels when you turn. Sharp turns all depend on the adjustments of the trucks, not the closed end of the longboard.


  • 7-ply maple deck for durability
  • 7-inch aluminum trucks for smooth sharp corners
  • Open edge prevents the wheels from clipping the board
  • Elegant sunset mosaic design

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