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Fun on 4 Wheels… and an Egg!

A cross between longboards and skateboards, the Novelty cruiser board was created with the beginner and professional skater in mind. It is uniquely designed, fun to ride, and is the go-to board for those who want to skate everywhere.  At a glance, it is shorter than longboards but wider than skateboards to ensure stability and maneuverability.  Take a ride and feel the breeze to savor the difference!

  • SMOOTH AND STABLE RIDE: A great way to glide towards your destinations with smooth longboard-like rides. Thanks to its extra-large wheels, 69mm diameter, and 57 mm contact patch, and soft density for stances to ride over those cracks and bumps that populate our curbs and pavements.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE BEARINGS: With ABEC-7 precision quality bearings, you enjoy long rides before you need to push with your foot again. Your novelty board wheels will keep spinning for a long time. Enjoy cruising and rolling around, instead of stepping down to push every few feet. This is a nice match for smooth and uncrowded roadsides and swift glides downhill.
  • COMPACT DECK: The Novelty board deck is made of strong, high-quality 7-ply maple wood. It is compact and wide to give more room for your feet and a 57cm wheel size for smooth glides and turns. The unique oval egg-shape prevents wheel bites even with large wheels. The center of gravity is lower for more stability and much ease when pushing with your foot.
  • LARGE TRUCKS: Trucks 7” wide give the Novelty cruiser board that stable and sturdy ride feeling, different than regular skateboards. Combining 7 inches trucks with 19 inches deck results in extreme maneuverability, even making possible sharp turns to avoid any obstacle along the way.
  • CARRY EVERYWHERE: It nicely fits into your backpack for your travels, inside your locker or under your desk. With only 19 inches deck size, it is your most compact longboard. You can switch instantly from riding to walking when you are in a crowd.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY:  Compliant to airlines’ carry-on dimensions.  At 19” size, it is lower than the 22” limit which makes it a hassle-free travel companion.


  • Deck size: 9*19″, 7-ply maple
  • Wheel size: 69*57cm
  • Griptape: OS780 black
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
  • Trucks: 7″ reverse kingpin black

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