Quest Super Deluxe Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board (Red)


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Using a SUP board, you can enjoy the calm and serene bodies of water this summer. Summer is a good time to take your SUP board and go out on park tours and look for any body of water you can see that is safe to swim in. Take this Stand Up Paddle board and cruise the waters in an exciting manner. Not only that surprisingly, the photo-worthiness and functionality of the SUP board is unmatched in calm waters.

It is unmatched in calm waters that you can even do high-intensity aqua yoga. Carefully do your aqua yoga stretches on the SUP board. You can do handstands, planks, flexing, and standing poses while floating on your inflatable stand-up paddle board. Just make sure that the anchor leash is tied well enough to a secure point on land.

However, it’s not just in calm waters. You can even do SUP surfing or paddle board surfing on it. Besides trekking the waters, you can also welcome the end of spring by doing high-activity SUP surfing. SUP boards are ideally perfect for your first surfing experience as well. You can do highly intense yoga and basic surfing tricks on a SUP board. What’s best with a SUP board as your surf board is that you can use the ankle leash to ensure that you will not lose the board during a wipeout


  • Color: Red
  • Material: 2-Layer PVC
  • Item Weight: 26.16 lbs
  • Inflated Dimensions (LxWxH): 10’6” x 32″ x 6”
  • Deflated Dimensions (LxWxH): 34.65” x 17.32″ x 7.88”

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Weight 7.5 lb


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