Quest Headliner Skates Longboard


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Sporting monochromatic colors, the Quest Headliner Skates Longboard is an obvious pick for most skaters. Made with a 9-ply all hardwood maple deck, its durable 52 mm wheels and 5” trucks will help you perform tricks at your best.

Product Description


Get the ultimate ride of your life! Quest Headliner Skates Longboard is made with a 9-ply all hardwood maple deck that enables you to perform tricky stunts while experiencing that riding high. Freeride your way smoothly with its no-wheel bite technology and ABEC-5 aluminum bearings. The intricate artisan design and top-quality components also make it a great steal for your skater spirit.


Length: 32”

Width: 8”

Weight: 7.5 lbs

Construction: 9-ply all hardwood maple



This Skates Longboard has 5” Aluminum Trucks that make for extra pop and an overall better grind performance

Durable 52mm Polyurethane Wheels that help absorb bumps

ABEC-5 Precision Bearings for full movement and control on the road

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