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Yoga mats have become the most used yoga equipment in the past 50 years, especially TPE yoga mats. However, in the past decade, natural cork yoga mats have climbed in popularity and earned lots of yoga practitioners’ trust. 

With the rise of awareness for the environment’s situation, a lot of people are switching to more eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Here at Quest Boards, we are also with the world when it comes to sustainability and making the earth greener. Introducing, the Quest Yoga Mat Soft Cork! Our team of researchers has concocted the perfect material and used the humble cork that can offer high suitability for yoga practice as well as their eco-friendly qualities.

This cork yoga mat is made from natural tree bark collected from Quercus suber or cork oaks that are grown and cultivated in the Mediterranean region. On average, a cork oak can provide resin for 30 years before turning into elderly age.

Once these old trees are old enough, they are cut and new seedlings are planted in the original place. It is considered the best way for the sustainable growth of natural resources from an agricultural standpoint. 

Being an all-natural raw material, our yoga mats are guaranteed to be biodegradable. They will decompose naturally after three to five years on a landfill. This will help reduce the amount of waste and give more space on our planet.

The cork surface has the natural grip and the good cushioning needed to comfortably hold poses, while the rubber bottom ensures no-slip when you’re executing dynamic moves. Cork also has antibacterial properties so there’s no worry of bad odors, and cleaning is simple and quick.


  • Materials: Natural cork and rubber
  • Dimensions: 6.1 x 2 ft
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Weight: 850g ± 50g
  • Included: Sling carrier 

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